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In all SpDrS 60 signal boxes safety-related actions of the dispatcher must be logged. That means that if such action is executed, it will be recorded and the dispatcher must write down the reason for this action. Recording such actions can be done by means of dedicated or common counters (here the dispatcher writes down the counter's value and the reason in a log book) or by using an auxiliary log printer.

The big signal boxes always have an auxiliary log printer available, a set of counters for each control area (station) would give a confusing overview on the panel.

In case an auxiliary log printer is available at the signal box, all safety related actions are printed, and the dispatcher notes down the reason on the print out. The dedicated counters for the group buttons will not be present on the panel in this situation. (currently still present in the simulation).

The Printer

The auxiliary log printer looks like this:


The list of operator actions and associated code numbers are placed on top of the printer's housing. Additionally, a list of short codes of the controlled areas, applicable for the specific signal box, is provided. It is important to note that these abbreviations do not match the offical short codes.

For example for the signal box of Köln Hbf these short codes have the following meaning:

  • KK (O) = Cologne East side
  • KK (W) = Cologne West side etc.

The line feed button on the bottom right is used to feed forward the paper, and so that the dispatcher can note down the reason for a safety-related control action. No other saftey-related control actions will be executed, whilst the printer is printing or the line feed button is being pressed!

Code Numbers

The abbreviation of the associated group button is indicated behind the code numbers.

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