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Just adding some thoughts here:


Purpose - what it does and why it's a big deal (being able to talk to your neighbours in real time using spoken language without requiring an external program - keeps you immersed in the sim)

Installing - how to install

Registration - how to register

Configuration - settings window stuff

    > Port Forwarding stuff (link to other port forward how-to page)
    >>> a series of 4 ports are needed , i.e. 58000-58003. TCP/UDP?
    > Windows sound control panel (speaker/mic volume)


  • settings
> 1st port number of the series of 4 ports
> quality : normal and high - also mention that a telephone line is simulated, not CD or higher sound quality
  • in-sim behaviour
> how to use the thing when playing
>  what to expect
> icons/sounds associated with the plugin etc
> specifics what happens when one user has voice plugin and the other doesn't 


    > firewalls
    > routers
    > ISP traffic throttling, shaping?

Uninstalling ?


Direct links to telephone books for Rheingold as well as Wuppertal series